21st January 2018

We’re just like plumbers

You know that thing plumbers do when they come to look at your pipes? That agonised head shake followed by the dreaded phrase, “I don’t know […]
12th October 2017

One down…

Just a quick one to commemorate the completion of our first project… Hull roofing contractor Chris Hunt has set up on his own after years working […]
5th October 2017

What Mat wrote next will blow your mind

I had an epiphany the other night. Actually, that makes it sound a bit grand. It was more of the penny dropping. Finally. I could almost […]
21st September 2017

Your Google, My Business

Something I’ve spent a fair bit of time looking at and thinking about recently are Google My Business listings. It’s been a wild few weeks, believe […]
15th August 2017

That awkward first blog

I’m not the world’s most opinionated person. Things will happen and, while others are turning purple with outrage, I’ll shrug my shoulders and bury my head […]