Just a quick one to commemorate the completion of our first project…

Hull roofing contractor Chris Hunt has set up on his own after years working for another contractor. Chris wanted a modern logo which still looked dependable and trustworthy, a smart business card design and the Holy Trinity of the small business – website, Facebook page and Google My Business page.

The business card has the main contact details, as you’d expect, but also encourages people to leave a review on the Hunt Roofing Facebook page, an essential way to build reputation and the trust of potential new customers.

The website design mirrors the logo and business card – clean, simple and to-the-point – with information about services provided by Hunt Roofing but not chapter and verse.  The Facebook page and Google My Business page give potential customers important opening, address and contact information, taking their appearance from the logo and website for consistency. We love a nice branding project, especially when it’s a small start-up and we’ve a couple more on the go at the time of writing, which is nice.

If you’re starting up in business or you know someone who is, give us a shout – we’d love to be involved.