Website Design

A website is essential for virtually every business in today’s world. Some 97% of people use online searches to find out about local businesses (source: Tribunal) and a visually attractive site which clearly outlines your products and services is a great way of persuading potential customers to get in touch.

Our approach is to support you through the process, learning about your business, building on your ideas, writing the text for you and generally taking away the stress. The result is an engaging online presence which also looks great on mobile and which is search engine optimised to ensure you show up in those all-important Google searches.

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Social Media

Easy to do but not so easy to do well, social media can be the key to unlocking your customer base. Think about how often you see requests for recommendations on Facebook, the impact of good customer service interaction on Twitter or the effect of high quality brand building on Instagram.

We offer everything from simple set up to full social media management on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. You might want help getting started and a little coaching before you take the reins. You might be wondering how paid ads work. Whatever your approach, get in touch and we’ll be able to help.


Clean, crisp and error-free copy is crucial to creating the right impression of your products and services, yet many get writer’s block when trying to describe their own business. And you’d be surprised how people subconsciously judge companies on poor grammar and spelling mistakes, even if it has nothing to do with what they have to offer.

With more than 20 years’ experience in journalism, PR and other forms of copywriting, we’ll provide beautifully written text which reflects your brand through content and tone. This could be copy for your website, blog or social media or hard copy materials such as brochures, leaflets and reports.


Your logo is often the first thing people see of your business so it needs to be right. A professional logo will immediately lift people’s perception of you and will communicate some of your key values, whether you see yourself as modern, traditional, funky, serious…whatever.

We can offer everything from a logo-only service all the way up to a full branding exercise which informs the look, feel and content of every form of communication and marketing you do. We’ll learn about your business, listen to your ideas, make suggestions and come up with something that looks great in print and on web, social media, vans and buildings.

Internal Communications

As employee engagement has become higher on the agenda for medium and larger-sized companies, internal communications has become increasingly important over recent years. A well-informed workforce is much more likely to buy into your vision for the business, making your aspirations their own and giving that little bit extra to the company.

We’re experts at developing and executing internal comms strategies that resonate with your people, whether they’re desk-based, in a factory or warehouse, or out in the field. We offer a full consultancy service, analysing your existing practices, talking to your colleagues at all levels, and coming up with plans that really work. We’ll even execute it all for you.

Marketing project management

With budgets tight and senior management reluctant to add to head count, it can often be difficult to find extra capacity to carry out important projects, especially when your marketing team is already at full tilt.

Our marketing project management service allows you to increase capacity only for as long as you need it, so you’re much more likely to get the thumbs up from the people in charge of the purse strings. We’ll work alongside your existing team on any marketing and communications project, whether it’s a new intranet, a large brochure which just isn’t getting done or a big one-off boost to your website search engine optimisation (SEO).


A great way of attracting people to your website, blogging is crucial to your SEO strategy. But where do you start? What do you write about? Coming up with ideas when you’re close to your business can be a real challenge.

We’ll work with you to suggest topics for regular blogs and articles that bring in web visitors and give you great content for your social channels. We have experience of writing for a wide variety of sectors, including manufacture, local government, health, finance, recruitment, education and training.

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