Project Overview

Ideal Standard UK asked us to look at their internal communications strategy following a consultant’s report which identified some potential improvements. Working with the Managing Director and Marketing Director, we developed and continue to implement a fortnightly internal e-newsletter, news and information TV screens, and quarterly sessions in which colleagues at all levels spend time with the MD, hear his thoughts and ask him questions about topics that matter to them. Feedback on these meetings has been incredibly positive and enabled colleagues to feel engaged and “bought-in” to the company and its business strategy. We also provide copywriting support to Ideal Standard UK for blogs, brochures and other literature.

Katie Cope, Marketing Director for Ideal Standard UK, said: “Mat has done an excellent job of developing our internal communications strategy. The Bubble newsletter has been a real success story which has now become a part of our company culture in the UK, with colleagues looking forward to Friday lunchtimes and ‘put that in The Bubble’ being something we regularly hear in meetings. The mix of celebrating professional and personal achievements, in-depth features, people profiles and corporate information is really engaging and we are seeing more than 30,000 pageviews on our news pages annually.”


Internal communications strategy and implementation


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